Xuzhou wanda slewing bearing Inspection Equipments

Quality is the life of a company. The quality policy of XZWD is  “Striving for excellence, shaping high-quality products, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement”. Today I will two inspection equipments.

1.Chemical Elements Component Analysis

Xuzhou wanda slewing bearing Inspection Equipments1

In order to ensure the convenience and efficiency of measurement, Xuzhou wanda slewing bearing has introduced an internationally first-class equipment – a spectrometer. After simple operation of the spectrometer, the elemental analysis results can be displayed in a few seconds, ensuring the integrity of the test sample and ensuring efficiency.

2.Hardness Test

Xuzhou wanda slewing bearing Inspection Equipments2

In order to ensure that the raw materials have a hardness that meets the standards, Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing has purchased a portable ultrasonic hardness tester to inspect and recheck all raw materials, raceway hardness, ensuring that the produced slewing bearings have high load capacity and are not prone to wear.

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Post time: Apr-10-2023

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