The slewing bearing for the welding positioner

The positioner is mainly composed of a worktable, a slewing mechanism, a turning mechanism, a conductive device, a frame and an electric control box. The positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment, which is suitable for the welding position of the slewing work to obtain the ideal processing position and the welding speed, can be used in conjunction with the operating machine and the welding machine to form an automatic welding center, and it can also be used for the displacement of the workpiece during manual operation.

The worktable rotation adopts frequency converter stepless speed regulation with high speed regulation accuracy. The remote control box can realize remote operation of the worktable, and can also be connected with the operating machine and the welding machine control system to realize linkage operation. The welding positioner is generally composed of a worktable rotating mechanism and a turning mechanism. Through the lifting, turning and rotating of the worktable, the workpiece fixed on the worktable can reach the required welding and assembly angles. The worktable rotation is frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Satisfactory welding speed can be obtained.


Slewing bearings for positioners generally require high-precision products with small clearances. Our company’s Single row cross roller slewing ring bearing( 111 series can meet this application very well. Generally use 111.20.315 or 111.20.355. Please see the below drawing.


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