The effect of lubricating grease on slewing ring

Lubrication has an important impact on the slewing ring service life and friction, wear, vibration, etc. Good lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the slewing ring. According to statistics, about 40% of the slewing bearing damage is related to poor lubrication. 

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The main effects of lubrication on the slewing ring include:

1) Prevent metal corrosion

2) Prevent the intrusion of foreign matter and play a sealing role

3) Discharge the frictional heat to prevent excessive temperature rise of the slewing ring

4) Reduce friction and wear and extend the life of the slewing ring

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In addition, if the grease is not replaced in time, it can also cause wear of the slewing ring.

As an important part, slewing bearings are used in various large and small machines. Some machines (such as crushers) have a lot of dust in the working environment. When part of the fine dust enters the high-speed slewing bearing seat, the lubricating oil in the slewing bearing seat or the grease deteriorates and the lubrication is poor, which in turn causes the slewing ring to wear.

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Slewing bearings are usually No. 2 lithium grease or equivalent. The raceway of slewing bearing should be greased regularly, but the number of greasing times will vary with the use and environment. In general,Xuzhou wanda slewing bearing company suggests you as below: Ball bearings need to be lubricated every 100 hours; 

Roller bearings need to be lubricated every 50 hours.

For special working conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, high dust, large temperature difference and continuous operation, the lubrication interval should be shortened. New grease must be added before and after long-term shutdown of the machine.

Post time: Feb-04-2021