Technology post–Selection calculation of slewing bearing

At present, slewing ring is widely used in many field. But many people don’t know how to choose the right size of slewing ring. As a professional slewing bearing manufacturer, we, Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing co.,ltd, today will introduce in detail how to calculate out the slewing bearing sizes.

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1.The bearing capacity curve of the slewing bearing

Each type of slewing bearing of product samples has a corresponding load-carrying capacity curve, and the graph can help the user to select the slewing bearing preliminary.

There are two types of curve, one is the static curve (①line), the maximum load that slewing bearing can bear when it keeps static. The other one is bolt load limit curve (8.8, 10.9, 12.9), it is decided when the bolt’s fixture length is 5 times as the bolt’s nominal diameter, and the preload is 70% of the bolt material’s yield limit.

  1. 2.       Calculation method of slewing bearing’s selection

1)The selection process

Make sure the maximum load the slewing bearing can support when it remains static (axial load Fa, radial load Fr, overturning moment M). Set the maximum load as the static rate value. Static rate value must consider the existed maximum load on principle, which must conclude the additional load and experimental load.

Make sure the static security coefficient fs according to the type of the main engine(application situation), whose numerical value see table 1.

Preliminarily choose the type of slewing bearing, make sure the calculation method of static reference load Fa and M.

Calculate Fa and M

Static load limit curve corresponds to the selected type of slewing bearing among the samples, and mark out (Faˊ,M ˊ)

Check whether the coordinate point(Faˊ,M ˊ) is under the static load limit curve

Checking calculation of bolt’s bearing capacity (see this section 5.2.4)

2) type selection in static

Calculation method of static reference load Fa ‘and M’

Method I(a=60°)

The selection calculation of the single-row four point contact ball slewing bearing process by load support angle 45° and 60° respectively .

Methods I (a = 60 °)


M ′=M×fs

Method II(a=45°)


M ′=1.225×M×fs

In the formula: Fa ‘-slewing bearing equivalent center axial force (104  N )

M ‘- slewing bearing equivalent overturning moment (N. m)

fs—safety factor in the static working conditions of slewing support (see table 1)

Then find the above two points on the curve, one of them is below the curve.

Single-row crossed roller type



Double-row ball type

The selection calculation of the double-row different diameter ball slewing bearing ,when Fr<=10%Fa,the change of the pressure angle inside raceway must be accounted,please contact us about its calculation.

Fa′= Fa×fs

M ′=M×fs

Three row roller type

When select the triple-row roller slewing bearing , only calculate the interaction of the axial raceway load and overturning moment.

Fa′= Fa×fs

M ′=M×fs

2) Dynamic selection

Please contact our technical department for the application of continuous operation, high speed rotation and other applications for the service life of rotary support.

3) Checking calculation of the bolt’s bearing capacity

The maximum load (no static safety factor fs) is used to load the rotary support. Check whether the load is below the limit load curve of required grade bolts;

If the bolt bearing capacity is not sufficient, we may choose slewing bearing again or contact our technology department.

The factory can provide information according to the product sample, using the static bearing capacity curve, according to the rotary bearing type selection calculation method of preliminary selection slewing bearing, and technology with my company to confirm. Can also provide information on rotary bearing to our company, when carrying on the design selection by my company , please ask for the 《rotary bearing selection of technology parameter table 》(including the annex A and annex B in the parameter table), and fill in, so that we can submit to you as soon as possible accurate rotary bearing selection plan of economic and practical.

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