How to do Anti-rust of slewing bearing?

The slewing bearing is an important part of many mechanical equipment. As a metal accessory, if it is not used for a long time or is not properly maintained, it is easy to rust. If the corroded slewing ring is not treated in time, its performance will be affected. Today we will introduce several methods for removing rust from the slewing ring


To keep the rotating bearing surface clean, choose a suitable solvent for cleaning according to the surface properties of the anti-rust object, so as to avoid serious corrosion. Surface cleaning can adopt chemical treatment cleaning method and mechanical cleaning method. When the surface is dry, do a good job in controlling the temperature and wait until most of the area is dry before wiping it with gauze. When applying anti-rust oil, different methods should be adopted to apply different methods of bearing surface properties. Miniature bearings can be directly immersed in anti-rust grease. If you encounter a special shape, you can choose the painting method, so that it is not easy to produce grease accumulation. There are many factors that cause metal corrosion. The chemical composition of the metal itself can also cause corrosion or the temperature and humidity of the environment in which the item exists can also cause corrosion.


The other way is to soak the slewing bearing into an anti-rust tank: immerse the slewing bearing in an aqueous solution of 5% sodium nitrite and 0.6% sodium carbonate. In this way, the anti-rust effect of the slewing bearing is very effective.


In addition, you can also ask the manufacturer to perform galvanizing or phosphating treatment when ordering the slewing ring, which can better prevent rust.


Post time: Dec-24-2021

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